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Overview of the top dtc dermatology sites in the united states

Due to a growing shortage of dermatologists, access to skin care is a growing concern in the US. Telemedicine apps, which allow one dermatologist to service more patients, are springing up to address the need for access to dermatology. Here is an overview of the top telemedicine services providing access to dermatologists.


If you need personal dermatology care available 24/7 consider using Dermatologist On Call. For $59 or less receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a US-based board certified dermatologist. Dermatologist On Call is available as a website and as a mobile app. Patients have the ability to pay through a HSA, FSA, or HRA and they are also available as a benefit through Highmark Commercial Insurance. Each visit only covers the diagnosis and treatment of one condition.


If you need to use insurance for a dermatology appointment Direct Derm is one of the best options available. They accept insurance from Anthem Blue Cross, Blue of California, HMSA, Molina Healthcare, Centene Corporation, Health Net, Hill Physicians, Health Plan of San Joaquin, California Health and Wellness, United Healthcare. Direct Derma is available 24/7/365, but diagnosis and treatment does take up to 48 hours.


First Derm is a bit different than the other dermatology telemedicine services on this list. They do not offer direct medical advice instead they offer general information about skin care diseases from board certified dermatologists. The general information provided fast tracks the patient to getting an in-person appointment with a dermatologist. On their site, they claim “80% of our users get better with over the counter medication.” OTC medication is accessible and affordable, similar to First Derm’s service. They charge $40 per case submitted for assessment.


By offering patients dermatology access through a simple 3-step process, Dermutopia is increasing access to dermatologists in the US. The cost for a consultation with a board certified dermatologist through Dermutopia is $69. They do not offer patients the ability to pay through insurance; however, the $69 consultation is still much less than a $200 in-person visit with a dermatologist. Dermutopia does have the ability to prescribe patients medication or recommend the usage of otc medication. The prescription will have to be filled through another pharmacy since Dermutopia does not sell medication directly.