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3 Top Online Glasses Retailers Analysis: GlassesUSA vs EyeBuyDirect vs Firmoo

Finding glasses can be a really tough problem especially when looking online. There are so many different retailers to choose from. In this analysis we will compare three different online prescription glasses retailers: Firmoo vs EyeBuyDirect vs GlassesUSA.

Virtual Try On
Home Try Onsometimes (during promos)
Prescriptionsingle, bifocal, reading, progressiveReading, Single, Bifocal, Progressivesingle, reading, bifocal, progressive
Accepts Vision Insurance
Warranty1 year 50% credit1 year defect replacement3 month defect replacement
Return Policy14 days14 days1 month

At all of these retailers you can get a great pair of glasses starting at $5 to $10 for just frames. For under 30 dollars you can get lenses and frames from all three retailers. GlassesUSA and EyeBuyDirect have a great selection of over 1000 styles to choose from.


The quality from Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and EyeBuyDirect will serve you well. Firmoo is the only retailer on this list which includes anti-scratch resistence in all of their lenses, but this is offered by GlassesUSA or EyeBuyDirect for a small up charge.

The quality really depends on what you want to spend on your glasses. The prices at these retaileres range from $30 all in for a pair of prescription glasses or $100 all in. The quality can be lacking somewhat in the lower priced frames, but all the lenses are very high quality.

Frame and Lens Selection

GlassesUSA Lens Options

Lens OptionsGlassesUSA
Prescription Range-14 to 9
Lens Indexes1.59 to 1.67
Lens Typesingle, bifocal, reading, progressive
Coatings Availableanti-scratch, uv-protective, anti-reflecting, transitionsĀ®

GlassesUSA offers a pretty high lens index of 1.67 (how thin the lens is) and a prescription range of -14 to 9. Double check your prescription before deciding to order to make sure you fall within this range.

EyeBuyDirect Lens Options

Lens OptionsEyeBuyDirect
Prescription Range-16.00 to +12.00
Lens Indexes1.50 to 1.74 (ultra high index)
Lens TypeSingle, Progressive, Reading, Bifocal
Coatings AvailableAnti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Blue Light Blocking, UV-Blocking, Water-Repellent

EyeBuyDirect has about the same amount of frames to choose from as GlassesUSA and Firmoo. EyeBuyDirect though does offer extremely high index lenses (ultra thin) up to 1.74. All EyeBuyDirect lenses come with anti-scratch coating at no additional charge. They also offer Anti-Glare, Blue Light Blocking, UV-Blocking, Water-Repellent coatings.

Firmoo Lens Options

Lens OptionsFirmoo
Prescription Range-18 to 10
Lens Indexes1.50 to 1.74
Lens TypeSingle, Progressive, Reading, Bifocal
Coatings Availableanti-scratch, anti-reflective, water-resistant, uv coating

Firmoo has lots of frames to choose from in very similar styles to EyeBuyDirect or GlassesUSA. Firmoo and EyeBuyDirect both offer extremely high index lenses up to 1.74. All Firmoo lenses come with an anti-scratch coating and they also have anti-reflective, water-resistant, uv coatings availables for an additional charge.

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