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Hers skincare review - Does hers work for acne treatment?

Hers offers 5 different treatments for acne and other skin conditions, but does Hers work? We combed through medical research because we're nerds and #nerdsloveresearch. Hers offerings work well for different conditions including acne treatment, and aging.

TreatmentAge spots or Dark spotsAcneSkin texture / WrinklesInflammationDryness
Clindamycin (oral and topical)
Hyaluronic acid

Hers Tretinoin topical cream

Tretinoin works well in the treatment of acne as well as dark spots and fine lines due to aging.1

Hers Niacinamide Treatment

Niacinamide is a very common treatment approved by dermatologists for the treatment of acne and wrinkles. 2

Hers Clindamycin topical treatment

Clindamycin is a common ingredient found in prescription skin treatments and creams. Clindamycin is good for acne treatment.3

Hers Clindamycin oral treatment

When taken oraly Clindamycin works my stopping or slowing the growth of bacteria which cases acne.4

Hers Hyalauronic acid topical treatment

Hyalauronic acid is used in many skin care regimens and is very effective for the treatment of dry skin.5

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