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Hims vs Kick: Which works best for anxiety?

We live under a tremendous amount of stress these days. There are professional, academic and familial obligations to tend to, and many of us rarely get enough time to truly take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, anxiety if pretty common; however, there is less of a stigma associated with getting help for anxiety. In the age of online pharmacies and virtual doctor's visits, you can get the medication you need for anxiety. Companies like Hims and Kick provide anti-anxiety medication to help improve your well-being. Here is some helpful information about both companies so you can see which one works best for you.

Hims Anxiety Review

Hims is a health services website dedicated to helping men live their best lives. Propranolol is prescribed on the site, and is a medication used to treat anxiety in men. According to the website, the medicine can be helpful for men who suffer from performance anxiety, (i.e. giving a big presentation at work, preparing for a job interview). The medication is a beta blocker that should be taken right before participating in an event that may cause anxiety. Beta blockers reduce adrenaline in the body, and this increases the chances that you'll be calmer and more level-headed in times when you would usually be stressed or erratic. Signs of too much adrenaline can include sweating, shaky hands and a trembling voice, and when you're getting ready for an event that requires you to be as confident and level-headed as possible, a beta blocker can prove helpful. Men can receive the Propranolol prescription for $25 a month. Hims also provides several other products that are designed for the health of men, including medications to treat and prevent hair loss, substances that improve or heighten sex drive and performance, as well as cold sore treatments and skin care products.

Kick Anxiety Review

Kick provides Propranolol as well, so you can get prescription-strength treatment for your anxiety. You may be able to calm your racing heart and reduce the feeling of nervousness when you take the medication. Kick advertises the medication for both men and women, stating the Propranolol could help you ace an important job interview, speak to people with more confidence and even have the self-assurance to start a conversation with someone you're interested in or control your nerves during a networking event. You'll have to have consultation with a medical professional who will assess your symptoms and decide whether Propranolol is right for you. Kick delivers the medicine to your door the same way Hims does. You can also download the Kick app so you can learn more about how to manage anxiety by following helpful tips that will help to calm you down in a variety of stressful situations. You'll also get suggestions for practicing mindfulness and incorporating healthful daily habits into your lifestyle to reduce anxiety. The doctor's visit is $49, and if you're approved for Propranolol, you could receive up to 48 doses of the medication.

Managing anxiety is becoming easier, and Kick and Hims are two of the companies that are making anxiety medication more accessible. Compare the prices and terms for each company to see which treatment is best for you.

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