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Hubble vs Waldo vs Sightbox: How do contact subscriptions compare?

These days, it's easier than ever before to get the prescriptions you need online. If you wear contacts, there are several online services you can use to get the contacts you need at a great price. You'll also get advice and guidance from real doctors and medical professionals, as well as assessments to determine which contacts are right for you. Hubble, Waldo and Sightbox are also popular contacts providers on the market at the moment -- but which one is the company for you?

Hubble Review

When you visit the Hubble website, you'll take a quiz to determine what type of contacts you need. You can even purchase contacts from the website for as little as $1 per month. If you need an eye exam to get a prescription or change your current prescription, Hubble will match you with a local eye doctor. Hubble is also a favorite among many contacts wearers because you can get up to 20% off popular contact brands. All of the contacts you purchase from Hubble are designed to be worn all day, so you won't have to worry about your vision when you're driving or reading important documents for work or school.

Waldo Review

The Waldo subscription contacts service allows you to get the items of your choice while saving a considerable amount of money. Waldo also has its own brand of contact lenses and they're designed to keep your eyes moist during the day and provide the most comfort. When you sign up for the free 10-day trial, you'll get a sample box of Waldo lenses that includes 10 pairs of contacts. If you decide to continue, you'll pay about $18 a box, and you can take advantage of free delivery. When you create an account with Waldo, you can customize your delivery by choosing the date you want your contacts. Waldo lenses offer UV protection and they keep your eyes moisturized, since they're made of 58% water. The company has an in-house optician and is working on making sure you can keep up with your eye exams with an eye doctor in your city.

Sightbox Review

Sightbox makes it possible to find contact lenses in your budget because you pay per month and don't have to pay all at once. When you get an annual membership, you'll get an eye exam and a year's worth of contact lenses. If you need daily lenses, you'll pay $89 per month and if you prefer 2-week and monthly lenses, you'll pay $39 a month. After you're matched with a local eye doctor, you'll either receive a trial of contact lenses to see if they work for you, or the doctor will renew your contact lens prescription. Once the doctor sends in the prescription, Sightbox will send the lenses to you via next-day delivery. Whether you need multifocal, toric, spherical or even color contacts, Sightbox can accommodate your selection and make sure that you continually have the best vision every day. You don't have to worry about being in a network, since Sightbox works in all 50 states and will suggest eye doctors for you that are near where you live or work and can fit you in according to your schedule.

Getting the perfect contact lenses is easier than ever, and you may find that you'll pay much less for contacts when you use one of these online services.

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