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Rogaine vs Keeps: Which hair loss treatment works best?

If you're looking for a hair restoration treatment, you may be wondering which products are best for you. Rogaine has long been touted as one of the best treatments for hair loss, especially for men. However, there's a new product on the market called Keeps that also claims to successfully help men restore their hair.

Before you decide which one will work for you, there are several factors to consider. Which one costs more? Which one is easier to purchase? Which one provides quicker results? Here's the information you need to know so you can make an informed purchase.

Men and Hair Loss

If you find that you're losing your hair as you age, you're not alone. Most men will eventually lose all or most of their hair as they enter middle age and beyond. Research indicates that about two-thirds of men in the United States start to lose their hair by the time they are 35. Normal hair loss that isn't brought on by a medical condition, which is referred to as alopecia, is more common than you may think.

Fortunately, advances in medicine have made it easier for people to restore lost hair, and there are several treatments that can be effective for men's hair loss. You've probably heard of Rogaine, but Keeps is the new competitor on the market. Both of these are topical medications. However, Keeps has an additional option that may be more effective according to studies.

Rogaine or Keeps: Which One Should You Use?

The medicines in both Keeps and Rogaine is specifically for men who are starting to go bald. If you're experiencing this, it's best to treat the baldness as soon as possible. Researchers and doctors state that you should start restoring your hair once you notice that it's thinning. This increases your chances of getting your hair back as opposed to waiting until you get bald spots.

While both Rogaine and Keeps are designed for men, Rogaine does have a solution that is designed for women as well. However, it's important to note why these hair restoration medications are more suited for men.

It's also very important to note that neither Keeps or Rogaine actually provides a cure for baldness. No matter which product you choose, you have to use it daily. If you stop using the product, your hair loss will likely continue. If you're having a hard time sticking to a hair restoration regimen or you can't afford the treatment, it's probably best not to start. You'll have to be very disciplined when it comes to applying the medication. It's also essential to be patient with the hair growth process, since it may be a few months before you see results. If you're motivated to restore your hair and will be disciplined when it comes to treatment, Keeps or Rogaine could give you the results you want. Both companies have millions of satisfied customers.

Which One Works Better: Keeps or Rogaine?

Keeps provides you with two treatment options that you can use together or individually. One treatment is Mioxidil, which is the ointment applied topically and sold over the counter. Finasteride is another part of the Keeps treatment; this is a pill that is taken orally and you'll need a prescription for it. Rogaine, on the other hand, only provides one treatment -- Minoxidil.

Both Rogaine and Keeps provide a topical solution that contains Minoxidil. You should explore this generic hair restoration drug, since it has been proven to stop or slow baldness in men. Minoxidil is activated when you rub, drop or dab it onto the scalp in the areas where you want hair to grow.

Keeps and Rogaine offer nearly identical products when it comes to Minoxidil. Keeps is set apart by its prescription Finasteride treatment, which can work alone or with the topical treatment to promote hair growth. The pill that comes with the Keeps treatment is basically the same as Propecia (if you've been looking for hair growth treatments, you've probably heard of this medication).

Growing medical research shows that these treatments works well for most men who are suffering from age-related baldness. Keeps suggests that you maintain a treatment regimen and includes both the topical and oral treatments, and Rogaine emphasizes that Minoxidil alone can be effective.

Remember that Minoxidil is available over the counter and you don't have to have a prescription. This means you can buy Rogaine at your local superstore, pharmacy or from Amazon. If you complete the online doctor's visit with Keeps, you can get a prescription for Finasteride. This oral medication has traditionally been more difficult for patients to receive, and Keeps is trying to change this.

Which Treatment Is More Expensive?

Of course, one of the factors you should consider is how much it will cost for you to maintain each treatment. If you decide to go with Keeps, the first month is free, and you'll pay $20 a month. The shipping cost is free for Keeps and you can sign up for the prescription to make sure you have the medicine you need each month.

You'll pay a little over $40 for Rogaine if you purchase it from Amazon. Shipping is free if you're an Amazon Prime member.

More About Treatment and Use

Keeps and Rogaine offer topical medication for hair loss. The Minoxidil has to be applied directly on your skin. Rogaine comes in both drops and foam and Keeps only offers the dropper application method. Here are some additional details on how to use each treatment:

For Rogaine:

-use twice a day
-make sure your hair is dry
-move your hair so that all thinning and bald spots are exposed
-turn the can upside down to squirt 1/2 cap of foam directly on your fingers to apply the medicine to your scalp.
-style your hair as you normally would
-results are evident in 3-6 months

For Keeps:

-use the solution twice a day
-make sure your hair is dry
-use the dropper to apply 1 mL of the solution
-move your hair to expose thinning or bald spots
-apply the solution to your fingers and massage the solution onto the scalp
-let the solution dry completely before styling your hair
-you should see results in 3-6 months

Side Effects

The Minoxidil in Keeps and Rogaine doesn't have many side effects, but minor skin irritation can occur. This can cause your scalp to itch and lead to dandruff. If you notice this, use a shampoo that is designed to treat dandruff.

Both hair treatments also list other possible side effects that are less common. These include facial swelling, facial hair growth, headache, dizziness and acne. In general, Minoxidil is a hair treatment trusted by millions of men and is considered safe.

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